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    Need Metal Stair Railing or Spiral Staircases Chicago? Check Our Wide Range of Metal Stairs & Porches in Chicago


    RMB has been providing outstanding metalwork services for years in Chicago and Chicagoland. Our team of experts, led by Robert, the owner, provides any metalwork that you may need and are able to achieve any ideas that our customers may have. RMB specializes in services such as stainless steel fabrication and metal works, and we have gained the proper craftsmanship to give the best results to our customers as much as possible. We offer services such as renovations, replacement, and installation of metal works. RMB is dedicated to providing the best results to our customers by doing the job right the first time around. We aim to deliver customer satisfaction in every work that we do for our customers. Whether it's for your residential, condominium, or commercials spaces, our team is ready to provide you with the best service possible.

    We only use the highest quality of materials to ensure that you will get the best railings, staircases, fences, and many more. Our contractors only are well skilled in creating the right railing or staircases for you.

    Looking For a Metal Stairs Services? We Provide Professional Metal Staircases Replacement, Metal Stair Railing Renovations & Spiral Staircases Chicago

    RMB services include the replacement, installation, and renovations of railings, stairs, staircases, gates, fences, balconies, porches, steel beams, as well as iron steel. We also renovate railings and staircases for old condominiums making sure that they look good as new.  We make sure to follow the special city codes of building fences in the state of Illinois. We make sure that your fences do not include any kind constructed of barbed wire, iron spikes, or other sharp-pointed material for your residential or condominium spaces. We also make sure that your fences are a minimum of four feet and a maximum of six feet. 

    We use materials that are not prone to rust when it comes to the metalwork that we provide to our customers. We only offer the highest quality of work so that your home, condominium, or commercial spaces will not only look beautiful but will last for years. 

    Contact RMB Chicago today so that you can get the fences, gates, staircases, railings, and many more metal works that you have always wanted for your home, condominiums, or commercial spaces. We are the ones that you can rely on and trust.


    RMB Metal Stairs Installation or Customized Metal Railings? See Our Latest Projects

    At RMB Chicago, we make all kinds of unique metal works with original designs and innovative ideas. Our team of contractors can handle any type of spiral staircases, metal stair railing, and metal handrails in Chicago. We will exceed your expectations when it comes to creating the perfect design for your residential, condominiums, and commercial spaces. Our team works beyond 100 percent to make sure that you will get the beautiful and amazing results that you want for your property. From metal staircases to outdoor stair railings in Chicago, you can count on RMB to get the job done. Our uniqueness and ideas are what separates us from other companies in the Chicago area. If you are having trouble with your design, we have got you covered. We will make sure only to give you the best! Check out some of our great work and get some inspiration for your own design.

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    Choose The Highest Quality Metal Spiral Staircases, Metal Stairs & Metal Staircases Chicago

    Spiral Staircases

    When it comes to your spiral staircases in Chicago, we are the ones that you can trust. The spiral staircase is an excellent solution for your home or commercial spaces, indoor or exterior staircases. These types of staircases are usually a great solution when it comes to your needs. We can create any design and build the iron / metal spiral staircases which are functional, useful and beautiful. Our stairs are made with the highest quality so that we can provide you with the best possible result for your home and commercial spaces. We provide top-notch service at a price that will not burn a hole in your wallet.

    Metal Stairs

    We are one of the companies that provides the best metal staircases in Chicago. All you need to do is let us know what design you want for your metal stairs, and we will take care of the rest. We make sure that your experience with us will be as smooth as possible. There are many kinds of different forms of metal stairs. We do not only limit in providing spiral staircases but also straight, curved, and other designs that you might desire. With our unique designs, we ensure that you will receive the best result possible for your home or commercial spaces. Look at our offer of metal stairs and find your ideal project!

    Metal Staircases

    One of the most popular types of staircases and the most searchable service is the metal staircases in Chicago. It ranges from different designs such as metal spiral staircases, square, and many more custom forms that our customers want. Our metal stairs are made from top-notch materials so that you do not have to worry about it rusting over time. We have the skills and knowledge to provide any design that you may want for your home or commercial spaces. If you can’t think of any design you want, we will create it for you making sure that we exceed your expectations.

    Metal Spiral Staircase

    Our customer’s popular choice is our metal spiral staircase in Chicago because our customers can enjoy the creation of space. It doesn’t usually occupy a huge space like your regular staircases. You can also decide what type of design you want your metal spiral staircases to be. Our contractors are skilled in providing the best-customized metal staircase for you ensuring that it matches your personality and style. The materials that we use for our metal spiral staircase are both ideals for indoor and outdoor use. When it comes to your spiral staircases, we are the ones that you can trust!

    Exterior Staircases

    Another popular choice of our customers is the exterior staircases in Chicago that we build frequently. We make sure that our exterior staircases are made with materials that are waterproof and are not prone to rust over time. Our company does not only create exterior staircases, but we also provide indoor stairs.

    Fire Escape Staircases

    We are one of the companies that provides the best fire escape staircases in Chicago. Our company ensures to follow the standard size of metal staircases that you may need for your residential and commercial spaces. This allows us to provide safe staircases to our customers at an affordable price.

    Trust Our Contractors to Make Your Metal Stair Railing, Outdoor Stair Railings & Metal Porch Railing Safe and Beautiful

    Metal Railings

    When it comes to your metal stair railing in Chicago, our company offers outstanding results. Our contractors can provide the best metal railings for your balconies, stairs, terraces, and it is available in any kind of metal as well as iron. We can create unique designs that will fit your personality as well as the design of your property. Our outdoor stair railings are meant to last and will not rust as time passes by. We make sure to use only the highest quality of materials so that it will not only look beautiful but will also last for years.

    Metal Stair Railing

    Metal stair railing in Chicago is the most popular kind of railing and the most requested service in our company. With our metal stair railing, you can ensure that you are safe. We propose many designs of metal railings and we advise our customers which idea will fit their interior and exterior spaces. Our contractors have the proper knowledge and skills to provide the best result to our customers. We strive to give customer satisfaction by going beyond our client’s expectations. Our company handpicks the materials that are used for our metal railings so that you will get the best out of your money. With us, we will provide you with the smoothest possible experience. Call us today to get the job done!

    Outdoor Stair Railings

    Our outdoor stair railings in Chicago are meant to last for years. Our contractors will make sure that the railings we create are waterproof and will not rust as the year passes. Our outdoor stair railings can withstand any weather conditions it may face. We do not only produce and install interior metal stair railing but also provide exterior railings. Our contractors will make sure to get the job done as quickly as possible without having to sacrifice the quality of our work. We will provide you with a comprehensive estimate so that there wouldn’t be any surprises along the way.

    Metal Deck Railing

    We create a metal deck railing in Chicago that will match the style and design of your home or commercial spaces. We are able to produce an addition to your deck railing and can create parts of the wooden construction. When we’re done, your deck will be safe with the metal railing we’ll install.

    Metal Porch Railing

    Your porch is the most exposed to different weather conditions, which is why choosing our metal porch railing in Chicago is the best. With our waterproof metal railing, you can ensure that it will last for years. We can create additions to your porch to ensure it’s safe and will look beautiful.

    Metal Handrails for Concrete/Outdoor Steps

    If you are looking for a company that can create metal handrails for outdoor steps in Chicago, we are your best choice. We make sure that our metal handrails for concrete steps are easy to install and will provide safety to you and your family. Our contractors ensure to use the lightest material possible so that the installation will be done quickly. When you choose our company, you can rest assured that you will get the best service possible. We will create a metal railing that will look great with your home and, at the same time, will provide safety.

    Check What Else We Have to Offer! We Also Make Metal Gates, Fences, Steel Beams, Metal Porches & Balconies

    Steel Beams

    What You Should Know About The Materials We Use to Make Metal Stair Railings & Spiral Staircases Chicago? We Only Use The Highest Quality Metals For You!


    When it comes to your metal staircases and metal railings, we only use the highest quality of metal material that is freshly prepared and polished. Characteristic feature of metals is a lustrous appearance and conducts of electricity as well as heat. Metals are typically malleable (they can be hammered into thin sheets) or ductile (can be drawn into wires). It will last for years!


    Iron is a type of metal that we use with your metal stair. Iron is by far the most common industrial metals because of their mechanical properties, strength, and low cost. Our metal staircases have a pristine, and smooth pure iron surfaces are mirror-like silvery-gray that is a popular material for making items that will last for years.


    Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon, and sometimes other elements like chromium. It has high tensile strength as well as low cost. It's a significant component used in buildings, infrastructure, tools, and also metal staircases. It is one of the most common manmade materials in the world that is used for metal stair and metal railings.

    Wrought Iron Staircases & Metal Staircases & Spiral Staircases Chicago - RMB Chicago


    A stylish wrought iron can leave a lasting impression on anyone who appreciates great design. At our company, we can help you achieve that spiral staircase or unique metal handrails for your home or business in Chicago with our expertise in the industry. We can also spruce up your staircase and give your metal balusters a personalized finish that you won’t find in the market. Whichever your style preference may be, trust our expert metal fabricators and staircase specialists to make your dream design come true!

    Everything from our circular stairs to our outdoor stair railings in Chicago is designed with function and beauty in mind. Whether you want a rustic vibe with an open staircase or a minimalist spiral staircase for a contemporary house or building, we can do it for you. We have skillful contractors to take precise measurements of your property so we can design the best type of staircase or railing you need. We use high-grade materials that are both durable and long-lasting, so you can enjoy it for a long time and have no worries with maintenance and repairs. Our wrought iron staircases and railings would surely add a sophisticated touch to any space without burning a hole in your pocket. For durable stairs, railings, and metal balusters around Chicago, contact our company today!

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    Searching For A Specific Railing Design To Go With Your Personalized Staircase? We Provide Professional Metal Stair Railings & Spiral Staircases Chicago

    You can shape wrought iron in different ways. The heating process is responsible for making those twists of ribbons, the custom spindles, and other designs or styles you see on personalized metal stairs in Chicago, which our contractors perform with excellence. At our company, we can customize your metal spindles or metal railings to suit your style and the whole structure of the place, whether for your home or commercial space.

    Over the years, we have provided excellent, strong, and tasteful metal staircases and metal deck railings in Chicago in different varieties and styles. You can trust our hardworking stairs contractors to deliver the quality you want within a reasonable period and budget. Thanks to our dedication to the craft, our clients entrust us with all their stairs and railings needs, both for their home and workplace and at times even in commercial properties. We have a team of skilled contractors that can produce the exact style you want, including circular stairs, metal porch railing, outdoor stair railings, and many more. Our company is equipped with the skills and expertise necessary to achieve any staircase project that lasts a long time. Feel free to pitch in your ideas or let us do all the styling, as well as all the physical labor. We will take care of your property and finish the project on time.

    We construct various types of stairs and railings to match your modern, contemporary, minimalist, and even baroque interiors and exteriors. Check out our gallery of previous projects for inspiration on your staircase in the works. Our contractors are happy to answer your queries to make sure the project goes as smoothly as possible. Feel free to consult with us today and get free estimates!

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