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Need Metal Stair Railing or Spiral Staircases in Skokie? Check Our Wide Selection of Metal Stairs & Porches in Skokie


Over the years, RMB has been providing commercial properties with excellent metal porch railings, metal spiral staircases, and outdoor stair railings in the Skokie area. Our team of experts is equipped with the expertise, experience, and skills you are looking for to achieve the metal staircases or metal handrails you need. Our company specializes in services that focus on stainless steel fabrication and metal works, so rest assured that we can deliver the products you need and provide protection and safety to your structure. We offer a plethora of services that provide renovation, replacement, and installation of metal works. With our dedication to the craft, we always strive to do the job right the first time. Whether you need exterior staircases for your commercial apartments, a fire escape staircase for your restaurant, or circular stairs for your home in Skokie, our crew is ready to get to work for you anytime. With the high-quality materials we use, you have no doubt that we can provide the best railings, staircases, and fences you have ever seen! 

We Provide Metal Stairs and Railings Services in Skokie - Professional Metal Staircases Replacement, Metal Stair Railing Renovations & Spiral Staircases in Skokie

At RMB, our services include the replacement, renovation, and installation of railings, staircases, gates, fences, porches, steel beams, and iron steel. We can spruce up a plain house with an adornment of stylish metal stair balusters in Skokie or dress down a lavish commercial structure with industrial circular stairs and metal railings.

To ensure the safety and protection of all our clients, we abide by the special city codes of building fences in the state of Skokie, Illinois. Rest assured that we will not add any kind of barbed wire, iron spikes, or other sharp-pointed material on your fence, whether for your residential or condominium space. For complete safety, we will construct your fences with a minimum of four feet and a maximum of six feet. We use rust-resistant materials that will provide durable stairs, railings, and fences that you can enjoy for years to come. For any assistance, feel free to get in touch with us and we can discuss our services and rates. We can get started with the project as soon as possible. 


Need RMB For Metal Stairs Installation or Customized Metal Railings? Check Out The Gallery Of Our Latest Projects

At RMB, we construct different kinds of metal works all with our original designs. We give you truly unique results that look perfect in your property, whether for interior or exterior use. Our crew of contractors from the local area can produce any type of metal stairs and metal deck railing in Skokie you may need for your home or business. You can check out our gallery for more photos of our previous projects to see the quality of our work. We promise to work hard to exceed your expectations for the best staircase or railing for your commercial space, condominium or residential property. We take each project to heart, making each detail as precise as we can for your satisfaction. From outdoor stair railings to metal staircases in Skokie, we can deliver whatever type of metalwork you need. Our unique ideas truly set us apart from other companies in the local area. Contact us today!

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We Construct Premium Quality Metal Spiral Staircases, Metal Stairs & Metal Staircases in Skokie

Spiral Staircases

When it comes to your spiral staircases in the Skokie area, you can trust us at RMB to do a great job. A spiral staircase is an excellent solution for your home or business when you have a limited space that can only accommodate minimal stairs. You can have this constructed for indoor or exterior use. At RMB, we can create any design you want and build an iron or metal spiral staircase in Skokie that is functional, useful, and beautiful. Our stairs are made with premium-quality materials within affordable rates. For the best circular stairs in Skokie, contact us!

Metal Stairs

We take pride in providing the best metal staircases in the Skokie area. Just let us know how you want us to do the design and we will get on with it right away. We will work hard to give you the best experience with our excellent customer care and, of course, the smooth operation of our business. Our metal stairs in Skokie come in different styles, sizes, and colors, which means we can do whichever design you desire. We will take care of everything and make sure the project goes smoothly for everyone’s convenience. Consult with us today!


Metal Staircases

One of our popular products among clients is our metal staircases in Skokie. They provide durability to any property and a safe pathway for your family, guests, and clients. Our designs range from metal spiral staircases to square metal staircases in the Skokie area. There are many possible forms we can do, and each one is customized according to what our clients need. Our metal stairs are constructed with top-notch materials that will not rust over time so you can enjoy it for a long period. Rest assured that we have the expertise and skills to make your dream design happen.

Metal Spiral Staircase

Our metal spiral staircases in Skokie are a popular choice among homeowners and business owners in the local area. You can trust our creations to improve the interiors of your space and provide a durable staircase for the safety of your clients or family. Feel free to choose the type of design you want for your spiral staircase and we will do our best to make it happen. Our metalworks contractors are highly skilled and dedicated to curating the best staircase layout for your property. Our metal staircases in Skokie are functional for indoor and outdoor use. Call us today!


Exterior Staircases

Whether you want a stairwell for your home or business, our exterior staircases in Skokie will do a great job with that. We can match this with our outdoor stair railings to complete the look. Our products are made with waterproof and rust-resistant materials that would surely last a long time and stay durable even over the years. We can also construct indoor stairs inside your home or business in Skokie. No project is too hard for our committed contractors in the local area. We are always on top of our game, whatever project we handle. Consult today!

Fire Escape Staircases

If you are looking for high-quality fire escape staircases around Skokie, then look no further! Our escape stairs in the local area can protect you from any harm and calamity that crosses your property by providing you a path to safety. Our fire escape staircases follow the standard size of metal staircases that are suitable for any residential or commercial property in the area. Whether it is for your home, restaurant, office, or any other commercial establishment, our contractors can create a staircase design that is safe, functional, and accessible at all times. For the full rates, contact us today!

Trust Our Contractors to Create Solid and Tasteful Metal Stair Railing, Outdoor Stair Railings, & Metal Porch Railings For You

Metal Railings

When it comes to your metal stair railing needs in Skokie, our company provides fantastic results. Our contractors always strive to bring our clients the best metal railings for your balconies, stairs, and terraces. Our products are also available in different kinds of metals and we will help you choose the best type for your property. Leave it to us to create unique designs that will showcase your personality and complement the design of your property. Our outdoor stair railings are made to last and will not rust over the years even after a long period. Inquire with us today!

Metal Stair Railing

Our metal stair railings in Skokie are famous among our clients. In fact, they are our most requested product. With our metal stair railing, you can rest assured that you are always safe within your own home or commercial space. We have many designs of metal railings in store for you. As experts in this industry, we can advise you on the best layout design that will fit their interior and exterior spaces. Our contractors are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide the best results for you. We always aim for 100% satisfaction by going beyond expectations.

Outdoor Stair Railings

Our outdoor stair railings in Skokie are made to last. We have hardworking contractors who will make sure that all our railings are waterproof and anti-rust for years to come. Our outdoor stair railings can withstand any weather conditions that hit your property, so you can stay safe and dry in your property at all times. Aside from designing and constructing the railings, we also provide the installation service for your convenience. We work efficiently to get the project done as soon as possible. We also provide a comprehensive list of estimated costs so you can prepare the budget accordingly.


Metal Deck Railing

Our clients trust us for our tasteful metal deck railings in Skokie. We always make sure that they match the original layout of your home or commercial space without fail. This will not only spruce up your deck for your home but also provide a safe boundary for kids and pets. We can produce the exact design you want, just share with us your visions, and we will do our best to realize everything you want with the level of quality you expect. Once done, you will surely have a promising metal deck railing that is perfect for your deck.

Metal Porch Railing

Porches are exposed to different kinds of weather conditions, which is why our metal porch railings are in place for additional safety. With our waterproof metal railings, your property will be well-protected for the coming years, notwithstanding the quality you very much deserve. All our materials are cherry-picked to the last item, so we can ensure the quality of each one. We are all hands-on with every project we work on to guarantee professional results for your property. Once our job is done, you can expect your home or commercial space to be bedazzled with a modern metal porch railing. 

Metal Handrails for Concrete/Outdoor Steps

If you are looking for a team that can curate beautiful and strong metal handrails for your outdoor steps in Skokie, then you have come to the right place. Our metal handrails for concrete steps will provide safety to you and your family. They have an easy installation process, which our contractors will take care of. We use light materials that will make the installation more efficient and smooth for our convenience. But trust that our materials have a premium grade, so you can feel safe within your property, whether residential or commercial in nature. Feel free to inquire today!


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Steel Beams

What You Should Know About The Materials We Use to Make Metal Stair Railings & Spiral Staircases in Skokie - We Only Use The Best Materials For High-Quality Results


When it comes to your metal staircases and metal railings in Skokie, we invest in the highest quality of metal materials available in the market - all freshly prepared and polished for your project. Each metal slab features a lustrous appearance and great performance. Our metals are highly malleable and ductile, making them easy to mold into whichever shape you desire.


To ensure the toughness and durability of our metal stairs in Skokie, we prefer to use iron material, which is a top industrial metal material due to its mechanical properties, affordability, and strength. Thanks to all these characteristics, our metal staircases in Skokie have a pristine, smooth appearance that mimics a silver-gray mirror surface. Call us to know our rates.


From a combination of iron and carbon, sometimes chromium comes steel, which we use to build some of our metal staircases and railings in Skokie. Steel is significantly used in constructing buildings, tools, infrastructures, and in some cases, metal stairs. Aa a man-made material, it provides a promising finish for different metal items such as metal balusters and metal spindles.

Wrought Iron Staircases, Metal Staircases, & Spiral Staircases in Skokie


Anyone who has an eye for detail would appreciate a stylish wrought iron fence from our company. We can help you achieve that circular staircase or unique metal handrails for your home or office space in Skokie with our skills, expertise, and years of experience. We can improve the look of your staircase with tasteful metal balusters, giving it a customized finish to your satisfaction. Whichever style you want to go for, you can trust our metal fabricators and staircase specialists to do a splendid job! With our design expertise, you can make your dream design come to life!

We design everything with aesthetics and function in mind. We strive to make all our products truly functional and beautifully fitting to your residential or commercial property. From our circular stairs to outdoor stair railings in Skokie, we can guarantee them to be solid, durable, and long-lasting. Our company hires the most dedicated contractors in the local area that we can achieve any design you want for your property. We take precise measurements to draft the best layout for your home or business space. We use high-grade materials that prove to be durable and sustainable for long-term use. With this, you won’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs. Our contractors will keep your structure in tiptop shape at all times, even after the project has been completed. Our wrought iron staircases would surely add a refined finish to your place that would surely be still within your budget. Call us!

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Searching For A Specific Railing Design To Go With Your Personalized Staircase? We Provide Professional Metal Stair Railings & Spiral Staircases Skokie

There are plenty of ways to mold wrought iron and turn them into the exact design you want. The heating process makes all those ribbon twists, custom spindles, and other styles possible. We go the extra mile by personalizing metal stairs for homes and businesses in Skokie, given the workmanship of our seasoned contractors. We can mold custom-made metal spindles and metal railings to capture your unique taste and add a sophisticated touch to the structure of your property – whether for personal or commercial use.

In the years that we have been in this business, we have provided our clients with strong, excellent, and beautiful metal staircases and metal deck railings in Skokie. You can trust our dedicated stairs contractors to deliver the quality you want while meeting your proposed budget. With our dedication to the craft, you can trust us with your stairs and railing needs in every way possible. We will take care of your home and workplace, and even your commercial properties for a more conducive space. Our contractors are highly skilled in different areas of constructing stairs, railings, fences, balusters, and many more, so rest assured you will get the circular stairs, metal porch railing, or outdoor stair railings of your dreams. We will keep your structure safe and well-protected for your family or guests. Let us know how you want the design to turn out and we will apply our expertise in all aspects to make your vision come true. We will cover all the labor work and meet the deadline as agreed upon.

At RMB, we provide a generous selection of styles for railings and stairs. We can also achieve different designs, whether you want a modern, contemporary, or even a baroque style for your balusters, rails, or stairwell. Our gallery shows our past projects. You may take a look at them and tell us which ones you like for our reference. Consult now!